Thai Notary Public

Thai Notary Public

A Thailand Notary Public is a public officer whose main job is to administer oaths, certify and attest by his hand and official seal, any class of documents, giving them credit and authenticity in a foreign jurisdiction. In Thailand, a person authorized by the Lawyers Council of Thailand to administer oaths and attest authenticity of signatures should be a lawyer duly licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand to practice law.

Thai Notary Public

He should have passed the training course of Notary Public of the Lawyer Council of Thailand to be able to certify and attest the signatures if they are authentic or not. Check to see if you have a Thai notary public at your law firm.

In most countries, a notary public is an official duly licensed by the government to authenticate signatures or documents, act as witnesses to affidavits and statements of persons under oath. A Thailand notary public is not authorized to act when the jurisdiction is not covered by the government where the notary has been licensed. Notarization of documents is required when it is necessary to show the authenticity of the document, or to make sure that the person signing the document is who they say they are.

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Thailand is not under the Hague Convention on Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, and the government does not license notaries public. But if you need notary services in Thailand, a notarial service attorney may be able to assist you. In most cases, you might need the help of an embassy or the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or certification from some of these authorities.

Although Thailand does not license notaries public, some Thai lawyers are still authorized to function as notarial services attorneys. The practice of notarial service in Thailand is regulated by the Lawyers Council of Thailand.


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