Thai Marriage Requirements

Thai Marriage Requirements

Thai Family LawMarriage requirements in Thailand need to be met if you are getting married. If you are not certain that you meet these rules then you will need to speak to a family lawyer in Thailand about this. Below you will find the basics for the marriage requirements. You can search this website for more information about family law in Thailand.

Thai Marriage RequirementsThai Marriage Requirements

  • You will need to be at least 17 years old to get married in Thailand. The Embassy more likely that not will not issue you with a ‘freedom to marry’ letter if you are not at least 17. This will differ between countries and many such as Filipino’s getting married the age requires more paperwork the younger they are. Most Embassies will set the age at 18 but in Thailand it would be 17. If you need assistance with this then you will need to contact an attorney as it would require a court application;

  • Much like above with regards to age. Should your Thai wife be under the age of 20 then the Amphurs Office or District Office will need to have her parents at their offices on the day of the wedding registration. You may take the advice on a family lawyer in Thailand for advice on this;

  • Since plural marriages are not allowed you and your Thai fiancée will need to be single and able to marry on your wedding day. You do get ‘village weddings’ in Thailand but they are not legally binding or recognised by law;

  • You cannot marry your blood relatives in Thailand;

  • Should you be getting married to a woman who has divorced in the last 310 days, they she will need to have a certificate from a medical doctor to state that she is not pregnant;

  • You cannot marry someone who has been declared insane by the courts in Thailand;

These are the basic requirements for marriage in Thailand. You will need to check your own local laws in your home country as well. Note that certain Embassies in Thailand will not issue you with a ‘freedom to marry’ unless you can prove that you are getting married to another Muslim. Always check with your Embassy beforehand. If you are a Filipino then there are additional requirements from your Embassy in Bangkok which needs to be met before the marriage can be registered. Also note that marriage registration has to be done with the prenuptial agreement if you are wanting to have one. This cannot be done separately. See also Islamic marriage as well as marriage in Thailand.

You can search this website for more advice on marriage requirements as well as other issues in Thailand such as adoption and marriage registration in Thailand. Always take proper legal advice when in a foreign country. Mistakes can become costly later.


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